Tony Muddimer: Local author with a fascinating link to #IanFleming

Tony Muddimer was born before the start of WWII so he experienced the whole of the conflict, including bombing raids and severe food shortages. He was educated in classes with large numbers of pupils because so many teachers had been called up to serve in the armed forces.

For some months he was evacuated to Tenby in South Wales as his home had been requisitioned by the military, finally living in Leicester until the end of hostilities.

This compelling book tells the story of a young boy’s progress through the second world war, whilst learning to live with his dysfunctional family and coping with the disruption of wartime Britain.

It also reveals the author’s surprising connection with Ian Fleming’s Special Forces intelligence-gathering, Royal Marine Commandos, and the origin of ‘A License to Kill’. His father was one of the first men to be selected after volunteering for ‘Very Hazardous Service’ so the author met many of his brave colleagues and reveals hitherto untold stories of their exploits.

It becomes clear how, through the experience of his intelligence-gathering unit, Ian Fleming knew of the dangerous missions undertaken by these courageous soldiers, fighting their way through enemy lines to obtain classified German secrets, and of the many devices they used on their clandestine missions. This helped him create the character of James Bond.

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