Kevin J. Adcock, on how he became “The Accidental Author”

The Accidental Author

Kevin J Adcock

Writing books was something I had never really considered, in fact it came about because  I tried to be too clever and succeeded in outsmarting myself.

When my son was very young and for reasons I still cannot fathom, I thought it would be a nice idea to write him a story. One story turned into six, but it was never intended to be published, it was written purely as a keepsake. Something I thought would be nice for a dad to do for his son.

He seemed to like the stories well enough, but as time goes by & children grow up they move on to other things and so the stories got put into a drawer & largely forgotten. That was around thirty years ago.

However, a few Christmas’s ago, unbeknown to me, my son, who is now a graphic designer, and my wife, took the first story from Adventures With Sir Maxwell, and had it printed up along with some illustrations a friend had done at the time I wrote it. The story is called Sir Maxwell And The Mustard Dragon. I was over the moon at how good it looked in print, but still had no thought to getting it published.

It was only through carelessness I left the printed copies out on the lounge table and people who saw them kept saying how good it was. I got badgered about it continuously with saying it ought to be published. In the end I decided to send the six stories off to half a dozen publishers purely with the idea that it would get knocked back and I could say “look no ones interested’ and that would put an end to the matter. Well that didn’t work out as I received three offers to publish. As a result I now find myself a published author.

That all sounds quite straight forward, but I can assure you three months backwards and forwards with the illustrator Ben Kiss, to sort out layouts, colours & character design was anything but. I thought it turned out ok in the end.

Then followed interviews with BBC radio, as well as other radio stations, a magazine feature & a visit to Ireland to do a radio show for RTE. After this there were book signings for Waterstones, a book festival with Julian Clary & numerous school visits to do ‘Meet the Author’ sessions. I was even invited to do talks to Rotary Clubs and several women’s groups. 

As a result of all this I decided to write a sequel called ‘By Jove!!!’ taking the wizard who first appears in the fifth story of Adventures…, to be the main character & creating a scenario to follow on where the previous book finished.

 This too has proved to be quite successful & more radio interviews, book festival & signings for W H Smiths have occurred as well as library visits. 

I am currently working on the next book which will be called ‘Cometh the Witch’ and makes the witch who first appears in the fifth story of By Jove!!! as the main character.

It is my intention to keep writing despite ill health which has curtailed recent promotional work and slowed down recent writing. 

The world of writing is only limited by ones imagination, the books have received high praise by my readers so I feel duty bound to continue.

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