Author Roger Parkes explains the influences behind his fantastic thriller novels

It was always high on my bucket list to write a novel, but it took longer than expected to find a storyline!
The Secret’s Holder came from reading about black market racketeering during WW2. I used the black market activities of the time for a background and developed two characters which have appeared in four of my novels.
I had always been interested in the era of the cold war and could relate to the student uprising in the late 60’s. So I wrote two cold war conspiracy thrillers, The Traffic Light Syndrome and The Octopus Virus, using the cold war of the 50’s and 60’s as a background. My 4th novel in the series,The Phoenix Project  tells of a political conspiracy revolving round the events of the late 60’s.
My latest novels have been a complete complete change of direction, having just completed a trilogy about a young girl who lives in a virtual world. The first in the trilogy, called Katie’s Times, has been published and the other two have been accepted and are being proofed.  I suppose being of ‘mature years’ has been an advantage since I have lived through the period of my four novels, with the same two main characters fighting for freedom and I have used a female main character for the two since I found it an advantage. A woman can bring so much more to a storyline.

Words by:

Roger Parkes, Author

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