Author D. H. Davis: “All good writing starts with great reading, so use your local library”


Author of Coven Deception – (Young Adult, Fantasy, Romance, Fiction)

Now available on Waterstones, Amazon, Barnes and Noble and Austin Macauley 

Writing influences: J.K.Rowling, Cassandra Clare, Holly Black, Bella Forrest, Stephanie Garber and Stephanie Meyer.  The authors of all my favourite series, the kind that transport you to and get you lost in another more magical world. 

Writing process: I tend to do some of my best writing at night which means my first draft nearly always ends up being on my iphone which then gets typed up onto my laptop where I’ll fill in the gaps and correct my 2am mistakes. I also really rate handwriting notes then typing them up. This helps me to find holes and mistakes and make sure it flows right as I’m transferring it over. 

Here’s the thing about rejection: it can dishearten you or it can make you hungry, it can dampen your spirits or throw fuel on your fire, it can stifle your creativity or it can be the key to unlocking it. The thing is to remember that it’s a choice; it’s up to you how you view and use rejection. That’s not to say it doesn’t suck. Rejection hurts like hell and leaves you feeling vulnerable and quite possibly like you need to stand in an empty field and scream your lungs out, but once you’ve got that out, that’s when you can choose to use it as motivation. That’s when you get back in front of your keyboard, your notebook, the notes app on your phone and you prove all they Neigh-Sayers wrong. 

That’s what I did. I took every time someone laughed at my terrible spelling (which was often), every time someone poked holes in my stories (which was regularly) and every rejection email I ever received (of which there were many) and I used it to inspire me towards success. Here I am nearly in my thirties and I’ve finally done it. My debut novel has been published and whether it becomes a best seller or just another book on the shelf, writing has always been my passion so I will just be grateful that I got to see it through. The sense of accomplishment and fulfilment I feel now makes all the rejection worth it. 

So if you take anything away from this article please let it be this … if you’re passionate about writing then DON’t give up, DON’t be beaten down. It might not be easy but if you’ve got a story in you then it deserves to be told. Keep at it, keep sharing your ideas, keep developing them until they’re the best version they can be because someone, somewhere will be touched by what you do. There’s beauty and power in words, the kind that will never cease and never dull, and it’s up to us writers, us dreamers, to keep creating new ways to showcase that. The best starting point for that though is through research. All good writing starts with great reading, so use your local library, raid your local bookstores and get inspired by the great minds that have come before. 


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