Local Poet Delilah Sunday: “Being from Leicester gives me a strong sense of self.”

We have been delighted recently to collaborate with local authors and poets.

This is the first in a series of articles where writers talk about their work, the writing process and what Leicestershire and Libraries mean to them.


On being a poet from Leicestershire… by Delilah Sunday

“So being from Leicester and a poet – I am very proud to be from Leicester.  To me we have everything good: we have Kasabian, The Tigers, the Foxes and even Red Leicester cheese. Leicester to me is home and it impacts my poetry in the sense I pride myself of saying it how it is and I think that’s a Leicester thing.  I have always said you can say a lot about a person from Leicester but they will always call a spade a spade and I think when you read what I write I stay 100% true to that. Nothing I write is hidden it’s all as it is, I don’t hold back in my thoughts or reshape moments that have happened to suit an audience – I just tell it exactly how it is and as a writer that’s one aspect that I will always strive to do. Being from Leicester gives me a strong sense of self and of writing in my own style regardless of how it is perceived.  I am not doing it for popularity or for fame I do it as it’s my passion and some topics, no matter how debate provoking, if I feel something or notice something I will write it. I don’t care for whether I am right or not or what the critics will say- none of that matters because the moment I am capturing in poetry is exactly that and it is just my view.” -Delilah Sunday


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