Volunteer Story: “It is great to know our efforts are keeping a vital community resource going”

Without our team of volunteers (a team of almost 40 local residents) we simply would not be here. To celebrate the work that they do, we asked one of our lovely team members to share their story of why they volunteer their free time at Anstey Community Library.

“I have been volunteering at Anstey Community Library for the past two years, during that time I have met some lovely people, fellow volunteers and customers alike. I have been very pleasantly surprised by how welcoming everyone has been and how willing they have been to share their knowledge and experience. There is excellent training for new volunteers which is regularly updated. I have been involved now with two Christmas fairs, two plant sales, two Anstey gala’s and two reading challenges. All have been exhausting but very rewarding. It is great to know that our efforts are keeping a vital community resource going.

In between the big fund raising days are the usual weekly shifts which are extremely enjoyable, the customers are many and varied and its honestly a pleasure to be at their service. You get to know the regulars very quickly, which authors they like, how they take their tea and more importantly how they would set the world to rights!  It’s great seeing children being enthused by books and helping them find titles for projects and hearing stories about their days at school.

If you have been thinking of volunteering somewhere then I can recommend that you choose Anstey Community Library, it would be great to see you there.”

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