New Sofa Arrives!

There are few better ways to spend a cold winter’s day than reading a book or magazine, or browsing the internet over free wifi, in a lovely, comforting armchair.


We now have a brilliant donated sofa and comfy reading area at Anstey Community Library.

We’ve placed the sofa right by the window – we’re told it’s an ideal place to watch the Saturday morning football on the park, without having to withstand the winter weather.  We have hot drinks and biscuits on offer too.

Debs Taylor has set up a Magazine Exchange that has been placed right next to the sofa.  So why not bring an old magazine into the library, swap it for free and settle into the armchair with a cuppa to read something new.

A huge thank you goes out to Committee Member Lynne Childerley for thinking of us when she heard a sofa was going free – and to Trevor Childerley and Andrew Carter for getting it over from Melton for us on a rainy Saturday morning.


If you want to try out the new reading area, or take part in our Magazine Exchange – our opening times can be found *here*

If you have any suggestions for improving Anstey Community Library, or if you have, or know of, any suitable furniture going spare, we would love to hear from you:


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