Anstey Community Library at the Summer Gala

We ran a stall the annual Anstey Summer Gala this year, to help raise awareness of our new community-run library, due to open on October 3rd 2015.

Our brilliant Library Gala Team

Glamour Girls at Gala Day

This was our first ever event, and the library gala team did a fantastic job of putting together a stall full of competitions for all ages, as well as quizzes, and a raffle.  Our thanks extends to Hannah Bodsworth too, who designed our wonderful Anstey Community Library logo and banner.  The stall was constantly busy and surrounded by local residents throughout the day, generously donating to our collection tin and all keen to find out how the project was going.  We even signed up some new volunteers.

“All in all it was a really successful afternoon, more than we might have hoped for and a tribute to the efforts of the Gala Team who put so much time and effort into this both beforehand and on the day.  Our thanks to all of them and all those that supported us.” – ACL Trustee and Chair, Phil Knight

anstey library at the gala

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